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Visualisation and Graphic recording  

I have continued to use and develop my skills in drawing and graphic recording. I am a very visual thinker, so I find this useful to sharpen the way in which I recall key concepts, as well as communicate them to others. I find it has actually changed the way I think as I often catch myself hearing/reading something and thinking about how I can draw it which helps my recall. I often take notes visually as well to enhance my recall and pull out the key messages. I find that drawing rather than writing often helps me get deeper insights. 

I have tried a range of things to continue this development. I have a connection that is excellent, and so met with him to get some tips and for him to talk me through his process. He shared a number of resources/youtube clips etc. that would help. I watched these, and they have helped with key concepts such as colour and clarity of message, and crafting my own unique style. For example, how do you consistently draw characters?  ​I follow a number of recorders/artists on LinkedIn and have created a folder of good images that they share that I can review for inspiration in how they turn a key point or concept into a clear visual message. I even shared my work with the communications and marketing manager at work, and she has suggested that I develop this to be used in some of our work comms. I have also been able to create images for my blog, social media and this website which has enhanced my engagement.  

The app I use is called Procreate. I have been using it very simply and wanted to develop my skills. I took a course by an accomplished graphic artist called Freya. This has helped me not only understand how to get more from the programme but boosted my artistic confidence as well. Check out my tulip below!

I am really proud of how this skill has developed over the past 18 months and will be something I continue to use both personally and professionally. Also - it's fun to engage my creative side! Below is a few images I have created that show the progression and also the different ways in which I have used the images. 

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