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Family Together


Meet Juggling Julie 

"Apparently if you want something done, you just give it to a busy person!"

"within reason, if somebody knocked on my door right now and said, I am an expert at helping businesses streamline their systems processes and the technology they use, I would be like, whatever it takes."

  • Jenny runs a small professional services business which she started so she can work the hours she wants around her family

  • Her partner has a good job that needs a lot of focus, and they can't take much time out for domestic duties and to help with the kids

  • She has 2 kids. One is at daycare and one at primary school.

Professional Background

User environment 

  • She hasn't run a business before but backs her skills to be able to make enough money to make it viable.

  • She has no employees but does sometimes hire contractors

  • She is very driven,  passionate about her family and has a job where she can deliver great service

  • She loves being her own boss

  • She works from home in the spare bedroom which is often filled with kids' toys and washing

  • She works around school hours and after the kids have gone to bed

  • She does the bulk of the admin duties around the home

  • She really only outsources the cleaning because it's quite expensive.

  • She takes the kids to all their after-school activities

  • She carries a heavy mental load of forward planning for the household.

  • She never gets any downtime - her time is either spent on the business or with family.

Attitudes and mindset

Needs and wants

Pain points and frustrations

  • She has a very curious mindset - sitting at the innovator stage of the adoption curve

  • She knows there is often a better way to do something but doesn't have the time to figure it out so just keeps going.

  • She is lonely as she doesn't have anyone to talk about her business to. She feels she is going through a lot of challenges alone

  • She wants to have a viable business that supports her desire for flexibility

  • She wants to improve her business to make it more efficient and free up time

  • She wants to be able to get some time for herself

  • She wants to be able to connect with trusted sources to help her understand how to make her business better


  • She is really stretched and has to do everything in the business herself, which often keeps her awake at night wondering how to fit it all in

  • She is not good at setting boundaries with her clients or between work and home life.

  • She spends so much time working in the business that she can never find time to work on the business, 

  • She looks at social media and wonders how everyone else has their sh*t sorted when she has not.

  • She is overwhelmed, but the different digital tools that are in the market and does not know where to start

  • She is mistrustful of technology salespeople. They often read off a script and use terms and language she doesn't understand

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